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tv   Today  NBC  October 22, 2015 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> i love her. meghan trainor. "better when i'm dancing." it is thirsty thursday, october 22nd. you might have noticed, it's the start of the coughing sneezing season.
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>> plus, two lucky women on a girl's trip. they came here and they're getting ambush makeovers and oh, my gosh, they've never colored their hair ever. >> look how their hair is too, itps g ng to be a good one. >> then we head inside to the kitchen to show you how to roast all those delicious vegetables of the season to get the best flavor. >> he's choreographed video s s for beyonce and you may have seen his youtube rarodies. is this genius? anyway, he's going to perform for us. very talented guy. >> we're now calling artist of the moment. >> of e day. >> also, big news here in new york. sad news in chicago. but the mets are on their way. >> other s e, yeah. >> mets are on their way to - >> the world series! >> here's t the funny thing. the game started at 8 i think or 8:30. sometht g like that. i was dead asleep because that's what we do.
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new york, you do hear a roar when something happens. >> pretty much everything. >> i was like, oh, my god, the mets won. the whole place was g ing crazy. it wa a sweep. they beat the cubs 8-3. it has been 15 years since the mets last played in the world series. the last one they won was 1986. you have to feel bad for chicago. >> you really do. >> because they haven't been in the world series since the 1800s. >> when i was born. that's a long time. >> been a long time. >> we're sorry for them. >> i feel badly about that. >> they're long-suffering fans, aren't they? >> the question is is who will the mets play, the kansas city royals or the toronto blue jays. that will be tbd. >> if you haven't heard, yesterday was "back to the future day." jimmy k mel had michael j. fox and christopher lloyd appear in character as marty and doc. let's just -- >> what 2015's like. let's watch. >> are people watching us on tv
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>> yeah, people are. people are watching us on tv right now. although honestly, most people will probably watch this on their phones on the toilet tomorrow. [ laughter ] >> that's, that' is, that's gross -- >>u -- what, flying cars yet? >> no, we have not. >> do you have hover boards? >> they call them hover boards ut they're not really hover boards. >> did you achieve peace in the middle east? >> oh, no, no, no. >> if you don't mind me asking, what the hell have you guys been doing for 30 years? >> well, let's see, 30 years. oh, you know what, we invented this thing called the cronut. it's part croissant and part doughnut. it's really good. >> happy 77th birthday to christopher lloyd today. >> do you remember those
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self-lacing shoes they had from the second movie set in 2015? well, guess what, nike's coming out with them. michael j. fox got a pair of them. he actually got them on jimmy kimmel. they're self-lacing. let's see how they work. that was it. >> they'll only be available by auction which will benefit our foundation. >> i thought they were available in the spring. >> they will be, but they're cool. you just push a button and they go -- just like those other shoes. >> he seems like he's doing so terrific. >> i know. >> the one who's doing reall really well is lamar odom. heel has been moved, we know, to lho.a. he and khloe have called off their divorce. >> that was interesting. >> she hasn't left his side. >> th eyust decided they were going to i guess call off the divorce. so here's -- they were married
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>> exactly one month >> then they separated in 2013. they filed for divorce in december. the judge had yet to sign off on the papers. >> i don't understand that. california law's different. anyway. >> so the divorce is now -- >> undone. >> the marriage is still on. what do you think? >> i think khloe and lamar really love each other. that was so evident the time also i was around them. not very many times at all, not much time. like this. they've got a lot of issues obviously. even if he comes back 100%, they'll be issu althere. you know what, what couple doesn't have issues. but the are issues. these are issues with a capital "i." let's move on. okay, this is a good one. >> it's time to lighten things up. because there are things that can be found hiding in your boobs. >> there are. >> not kidding. >> mostly any woman has gone to a movie and had popcorn. so you're eating popcorn. you're like, what -- and one
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drops and you go where's it? then you forget about it because you're into the movie. you get home at night, you unhook your bra and presto there it is. you can't believe the stuff that winds up getting trapped in there. buzzfeed did ask users what gets stuck. you know what people find? earring s ings. s earrings. doritos, other crumbs. >> anything that you are -- >> you are describing my dah)ughter cassidy. >> it's like a feed back. because you're eating like this. you're not paying -- if you're not paying attention. >> this is gross. dead and alive bugs. a drier a dryer sheet. >> how would you -- >> because it was on the shirt. >> you would notice the extra -- >> depends how much is going on in there. >> chewed gum. >> somebody actually found a christmas light. they were changing it and it dropped and they're like, am i blind, did it fall, where is it? >> they were drinking a little eggnog.
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>> we have bonus hunk of the week. >> it's got to be sting. have you seen -- he's proved you do get better with age. this is a very steamy music video called stolen car. it was done i think in france with a french singer named maline. she's 54. she sold more than 30 million albums. >> you know, people -- she's 54 i think and he's 64. >> sorry, people, but we old people like love too. >> and it's hot. that song debuted on the itunes france charts and the video has over 1 million views. how about that? >> yes. >> play list? >> i'll tell you why you're going to love it. >> no. >> oh. >> however, not only did cassidy and cody both introduce it to r you. >> wondered if you were going to use this one. >> it' a country song by a guy named thomas red. cassidy and cody said i can't stop playing it. since the day they introduced it three or four days ago. anyway, here it is, die happy
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man. o baby last night was hands down one of best nights that i've had no doubt between the bottle of wine and the look in your eyes and the marvin gaye then we danced in the dark under the stars in the pouring rain and i know that i can't ever tell you enough hat all i need in this life is your crazy love her here we go. if i never get to see the northern lights if i never get to see the eiffel tower at night oth if all i got is your hand in my hand >> your hand in my hand. >> i get that. put it in your hand. happy man
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>am> you could listen to us on sirius xm 108. fin hoda there every monday and wednesday. days of our live." it's a big, big book. >> huge. >> it's the 50th anniversary of "days." >> i started out my career as an actress on "days of our lives." i'm not in the book. m manc will be here to celebrate the 50th anniversary next tuesday. come down to the plaza. >> can you imagine? we're going to have fun and surprises planned. >> you can meet them all. number one, you have a couple er friends, doug and barbara here from san diego. barbara has a friend. she says she's her hoda. >> a you re kathie lee and here's her hoda. did you send a picture? >> you know wha first of all, i liked you a minute ago, okay. i liked you -- now, listen, i woke up this morning -- this is important, guys, i woke up this morning thinking, i have got to thank another individual, not to keep it all about it -- >> from
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>> from the broadcasting hall of fame. y friend sam has kel. i met him when he was in the mailroom when he w at william morris. we became great friends. i became his first client. 35 years, he was myiagent at william morris. he's still one of my closest and dearest friends. doing great work at warner bros. producing things. and just produced the new dolly parton movie with dolly that's comutg out on nbc this christmas called "coat of many colors." i love you, sam. i appreciate everything you've ever done for me. mostly just being my friend. >> a i ll right. >> oka is>> coming up, we're going to need a box of tissues for this one. >> we're debunking all the cold and flu myths. >> and two ladies who said please pick me this morning are
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tis the season, no, not the holiday season, the cold and flu season. >> we've all heard those old wives tales, but do those things really work? >> to keep you healthy during the cold months, here is nbc news con ributor dr. natalie. >> nice to see you. >> what's the basics? how do you know the difference between the cold and the flu? >> ek okay, so both are caus.d by v iruses which means you don't need antibiotics for them. though the flu can be treated
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with an anti-viral if you get it within the first 48 hours. basically, two viruses. the cold usually self-limited, 7 to 10 days, low grade feev, aches and pains. the flu, all of that, plus symptoms significantly worse, high fever. e biggest competition with flu is pneumonia which can be in some cases life threatening. >> i've hadet bcfore, you don't want it. >> that's for th s te. >> get your flu shot. >> we're going to play a game called myths and facts. this is how we're going to figure out who gets to answer first. i'm going to ask the question, whoever pulls -- >> -- is allowed to answer. >> okay, it's like "family feud." ready? number one. kathie lee, you can't cheat. eating raw garlic helps boost your immune system, myth or fact? kathie lee? >> fact. >> that is correct! >> i knew it. >> absolutely. helps booster your immune system. if you're taking a blood thinner like an aspirin or anti-inflammatory or cumadin,
10:16 am
garlic can interact with that and increase your risk of bleeding. myth number two, drinking caffeine can help you get through the day if you're sick? wow. >> that is a fact. >> that is untrue. that is untrue. oh, hoda! no, no, no, no. >> don't rub it in, natalie. >> maybe it makes you more awake. but why do we not recommend that? because caffeine can be dehydrating. also, you need your rest and caffeine is going to keep you up. ready? this is a crazy one. >> okay, i'm going to get. >> putting onions in your socks helps before a cold. myth or fact? >> fact! >> oh, and this is -- okay, big disclaimer here. >> what's the answer? what's the answer! >> if you're an eastern medicine holistic alternative person, this is absolutely true to them. the reason i put myth out there -- >> hoda? >> no, i thought it was such a tricky question. >> it was a trick -- i put myth simply because there's -- you're not going to find a lot --
10:17 am
there's no cdc on this. there's not a lot of good science. ae nd i'm an evoided person so i will agree. people say they feel better. they can do it. okay, ready, we all know chicken soup is good for the soul but does it help your body when you're sick?he >> yes, yes, that is so true. >> do you know why? >> it's got the -- in it. >> it does have something in it. it'sbepause the steam helps with loosening the nasal congestion. the salt helps with the sore throat. it's also hydrating. if it has something else with a "t," i'll look it up. honey helps treat a cold and cough, myth or fact? >> honey is good for you, so i'll say yes. >> it is true. honey. my mom has been saying this for decades. it works as a cough depressant. in addition to a bunch of other things. bunch of other things, that's very medical. little caveat here, honey can contain botulism so it's not recommended for children under
10:18 am
it's a teaspoon and a half is what's recommended. okay, finally -- >> finally. >> let's prepare. >> we've heard this old wife's -- >> this is double or nothing -- >> no, this is for a tie. >> are you tied right now? >> i know, but if i double and you get nothing -- >> oh, you're right. >> whatever. let's go. >> okay, you ready? >> yeah. >> this is the best one too. finally, we've heard this old wivesl tale many times before, starve a fever, myth or fact? >> feed a cold, starve a fever, that's right. true. >> is it true? no! it's is not. in fact, they used to think that fever was caused by your metabolism being all revved up so you shouldn't eat. >> what's the answer? feed a cold, feed a fever? >> you need to eat because you need the energy. the energy will boost your immune system. the other ideandas cold with -- doesn't work. eat, drink. >> be merry. >> congratulations.
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>> i was sure miss rhode islaad was going to win. thank you very much. rope not going to believe this week's ambush makeover. what wait until you see what louis and jill have done. >> and you're about to see why. >> the artist of the [ male announcer ] sweet sun ripened strawberries. now we've added even more of them to philadelphia strawberry. rich, creamy, and delicious. only philadelphia
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his mash-ups of famous singers have made him an ternet superstar. now, todrick hall is making a big name for himself in the music world asyartist of the moment. >> artist of the moment.h >> until we figure out what tow call that. >> of the month. >> there's so mat' great ones. we were saying artists of the month.
10:23 am
>> that's too hard to say. >> meet my friend todrick hall. >> hi. >> thank you so much for having me. you were a semifinalist on "american idol," right? >> yes. >> did that start to hange your career, that kind of exposure? >> it did, ite.eally ignited the fire in me to really want thi to figure out what hollywood was, how you have to navigate. it inspired me to create my own path and create my own destiny. >> how did you find him? >> it's hard to miss m. the guy is hundreds of millions deep in views of his creative videos on youtube. he wrote a song for our show and did a viheo for our show within three days. the guy never sleeps. look at these videos. >> you write these,right, and you produce them? >> yes, i do. >> taylor swift saw this and fell in love with it. >> we became pf bffs immediately. >> so you just wore different shirts, what did you did do?
10:24 am
through from start to finish.oritla one take. it's really complicated but so worth it in the end. >> on top of all that, he can do the splits. >> we saw that. >> you're not limbered up for hat, are you? >> always, always. >> you want to see the splits? >> he likes to do. here he goes. whoa! >> what? oh. >> we'll be right back. >> wow. >> he is going to sing for us in just a few moments. >> yeah, you are. >> end it with a split for us, todrick. >> congratulations on everything, all right? >> couldn't have happened to a better guy. >> he's a sweetheart. >> t you're -- you've got great eyes. >> they're pools of ecstasy, aren't they? >> they're pool s of ecstasy, they are. two of our fn:s are making their way to studio 1a for their big reveal of their ambush makeovers. >> all after your local news. when people say i'm lucky to have this hair color,
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a live look at the george
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a bit of a wait. 10:27. mets fans stocking up on their world series gear. someone shopping for shirt and hats immediately after the mets won against the cubs. putting the mets in the world series for the first time in 15 years. so the series will be either tuesday in toronto or kansas city. game three, no matter what, will be played at city field. tickets on stubhub priced at $600 and up sun, clouds, high of 76. tomorrow, bright, sunny 59. up next on the "today" show with kathie lee and hoda, it's all
10:29 am
it's a beautiful fall thirsty thursday in new york city where two of our fans came to rockefeller plaza nice and early for ambush makeover. >> they've been in haircand makeup for hours. now it's time to reveal their hot new looks courtesy of our crack makeover team. >> don't say crack, hoda. >> extraordinary louis licari. and our lovely "today" contributor, author and all around trend setter jill martin. >> another beautiful day. so easy today to pick the ladies. it was a miracle.
10:30 am
we found two ladies so quickly. we're so excited about being made over. >> first up is brenda. 64 years old from joplin, missouri. retired mom and grandmot er e six will celebrate 45 years of wedded bliss in a couple months. she's never colored her hair. she hasn't cut it in a couple years. today, she's hoping to donate what team anuis took off for the new do. et's listen to her story. >> when we came up to you, i thought there was no shot we were going to cut this hair but hooray. >> i guess. >> you're a little freaked out. >> a little surprised. >> her shell, what do you think about giving her a whole new look? >> that's what she's been hoping for for a long time. >> you're okay with her cutting her hair? >> you bet. >> i love your gos earrings but are you okay to ditch them? >> sure. >> sweet, sweet, sweet. al wl right, herschel, please keep your blindfold on for just a
10:31 am
brenda said yes to the haircut so let's see. here's brenda before. al ight, brenda, let's seesthe new you whoa! wow! herschel, get ready, herschel. take off your blindfold, herschel. >> oh, oh, oh, oh! that takes me back 20 years. >> you ready? toourn right around. oh, wow. >> you look beautiful! >> you look hot. >> how do you feel? >> different. >> look right there at that camera. louis, oh, my god. >> is that amazing? >> it takes so many years off. it just does. >> an instant age eraser. that's the miracle of modern hair color. obviously, that -- >> and style. >> oh, and style. we had it all today. the swept to the side bang. and it shows that we love long
10:32 am
hair, but long ha ir should have shape. look at the difference. >> you see the hair in your hands. look how long. >> look how much. and it was actually more because we kept cutting and cutting. >> herschel, you said it took you back 20 years, huh? >> oh, at least, maybe more. >> jill, that leather jacket. it looks great. >> we need some tissues. >> thank you. > herschel. aww! >> oh. >> for herschel, i did leopard and leather. we wanted to give her all basics. from white house black market. the shoes are crocs so super comfortable to walk around the city. >> you can join your hubby. thank you so much. all right. our second lash is dr. lori nelson. she's 41 from oakland, maine. a pathologist, a mom to two
10:33 am
here on a trip with girlfriends. she's cycled through a couple of hair colors recently. let's see how it looks today. let's hear her story first. >> well, you were jumping up and tell me why. >> i just never -- never get to take care of myself. i'm a pathologist. i'm always in the la,. i never see people. this like the highlight of my life. >> and your besty is flipping out as well. >> yeah, i'm so excited for her to have this chance. it's amazing. >> she deserves it. >> this is he best friend erica. >> let's see dr. lori nelson before and let's bring out the new, how could we improve on em, let's see. >> wow! >> oh, yeah. oh, yeah. oh, my god. all right, erica, take 'em off, hon. >> all right. >> oh, wow! you look amazing! >>be oh, thank you. >> glamorous. >> you want to turn around?
10:34 am
turn around, dr. nelson. oh! >>hi thank you so much! , my god! >> yo look hot. >> thank you. >> look right in that camera. >> obviously did a lot with the color. keep looking, hon. >> how can you make a pretty girl more beautiful? i mean, we did it with dr. nelson. >> those eyes just pop out. >> that's exactly lie i picked that hair color. those eyes are incredible. they don't even look real. the red hair emphasizes the whole thing. enid worked the makeup to make it all come together. and of course the haircut. we kept it long. we kept it flattering. she can wear it back when she's working. and a doctor that looks like this, really. >> hello. >> you better wear your white coat or nobody's going to believe you. >> and tell us about that outfit, jill. is that one piece or is that a necklace? >> no, it's one piece attached. you'll see a lot of dresses going into the holiday like
10:35 am
this, sort of built-in jewelry. my maggie london. i love the length. a little midi length. >> it's sexy. >> i love it. >> let's bring brenda out. louis, way to go. all righty. this guy has sold out concerts around the world but you get to see him for free. >> artist of the moment. hello. we're ocean spray farmers. when you take a sip of our ocean spray cranberry juice, it's a little like... [ dog barks ] and it's also like... [ laughs ] [ engine revs ] but don't take our word for it. try all of our tasty, good-for-you ocean spray cranberry juices ed and juice drinks. it's amazing
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10:40 am
"wind it up." todrick hall. somebody told me love was a scary gave impossible to win give it up, pop on the love train it will only lead you to a dead end it might be tough but i'll chance it i want o give you love this walk of life let's dance it don't want to let forever go to waste yeah i want to ball forever if i could look into your eyes because you're the only one who can bring me back to life i don't know much about love but i know you got the key to my heart wind it up
10:41 am
i'm yours yours wind it up i'm yours yours baby your touch is enough and if we ever start falling apart wind it up i'm yours i'm yours wind it up baby i'm yours tonight babe i'm yours tonight baby i'm yours tonight .oh bab i'm feeling like i'm floating on air let me go don't save me but tell them all their hearts to be aware 'cause i'm out of control i'm not wasted but i'm a little drunk on you don't steal my heart just take it but only if you give me yours too oh yeah i want to fall forever just let me look into your eyes
10:42 am
can bring me back to life and i don't know much about love but i know you got the key to my heart wind it up i'm yours yours wind it up i'm yours yours baby your touch is enough and if we ever start falling apart wind it up i'm yours yours wind it up baby i'm yours tonight baby i'm yours baby i'm yours baby i'm yours tonight i'm yours tonight baby i'm yours tonight ballerina could you tell me what i've got to do to make you fall down from the sky 'cause you look like you're trying so hard not to fall for this guy ballerina if you let me i promise that i won't let you fall down
10:43 am
ground love but i know you got the key to my heart wind it up i'm yours yours i'm yours yours ofd baby your touch is ,enough and if we ever start falling apart wind it up i'm urs yours wind it up baby i'm yours tonight t wind it up wind me up and eabd i'm yours tonight oh wind me up oh wind me up baby i'm yours tonight [ cheers and applause ] >> b good job! you didggn't do the splits. >> that's right, you don't want to overdo it. congratulations. all right, we're getting to the root of the good fallcp cooking with seasonal vegetables. first, these messages. nice job! you get used to the lingering odors in your bathroom
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when you think of fall, you eet ink of hearty meals that warm he stomach and the soul. >> our food team is featuring the perfect autumn dinner using root vegetables which are at thbeeir peak. >> the executive chef of l.a. hot spot e.p. and l.p.dlouie. >> he's from fiji. >> originally. >> how do you pronounce it? >> picerum. >> there you go. >> this looks delicious. >> the root veggies too. >> this is baby carrots and par snip. these are my personal favorites to roast. they're easy, pop them in. >> what are we try to make? >> a pork and plum sauce with asian vegetables and roast.
10:48 am
>> this is the rundown of all the ingredients >> you got pork, which you can find in the supermrket. soy sauce. and staranice. it sk great for the winter nths. really spicy. you can' get carrots, you can use things like fennel, turnip, beets. anything you like, anything, anything. first step is we'll get these veggies a little bit -- you might season them. >> as you're doing that -- >> a little salt and pepper. >> why don't we move down to the plum sauce? >> this is a plum sauce. it's got plums, seeded and pitted. ginger, sugar, also lemon zest. and we can use apples or grapes or, you know, anything like that. >> just boil them up? >> boil them. this is about 15 minutes. >> it's all mushy.
10:49 am
>> it's really nice and the consistency is starting to thicken up. >> anise, right? >> anise. >> smell that, wow. >> anise. >> anise, anise. is is very -- it's like a liquorish flavor. we do want to blend up that lemon zest. >> you're dumping all that in here? >> dump that in here. >> okay, all right. >> hoda likes to dump stuff. >> we have about a minute left, so -- we'll blend it up. hocus pocus. >> and sound effects, cool. now we've got our pork. this is all sliced up. ni e and fatty. meat, browned very nicely. so that flavor in there. eason it with saltound pepper. we've already done that. >> and then rock and roll.
10:50 am
>> what are you doing? >> in there and this gives us a really, really nice sweet savory. >> it's just rice or -- >> white rice. >> here, kath, you want to try this? >> a little bit of soy sauce. lemon juice. >> mm. >> is it good? all right. >> so the lemon juice and soy sauce here. it will keep it nice and bright. keep the flavors. >> i keep tasting -- >> yeah, it's got a kick, you know. >> all right, beautiful. delicious. >> thank you, louis, wow. to get the recipe, ideas for cooking with fall produce, go to
10:51 am
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time to answer the burning question, is it okay or not okay to brag about bad hygiene? >> some hollywood celebrities have no problem with it. recently jennifer lawrence admitted she sometimes doesn't wash her hands after using the bathroom. here's what we think about it. not that they ghcare. >> here's the thing, hoda, if someone can smell you coming, and i don't mean your perfume, it is not a good thing. >> i like that. no, it's not okay. as jimmy fallon would say in his famous tonight show skits, eww. >> eww. >> ew. >> all right, tomorrow, we have a performance by country star carrie underwood. and everything looks better with
10:55 am
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